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"I had a problem with my garage door panel cracking because of a poor door design. I called Mike and described the problem and he said he was pretty sure he could just add a strut to "beef up" the door and it would only cost the standard service call fee. I was scheduled out a few days and he arrived on time, added the strut and checked to make sure the door was adjusted properly. He only charged the standard service fee. No attempt to upsell other services or charge extra for the strut. I would use him again and recommend him to others."

Description of work: Added strut to garage door

A 01/09/2016 – HUGO HEYNS
"Technician arrived at the exact time specified with all the tools and replacement parts needed to complete all necessary repair actions. He proceeded to carefully remove the broken spring as well as the other spring. His actions were accomplished carefully and professionally throughout.

Description of work: Replaced garage door springs, including lubrication of the screw jack and. Door rollers. He also shared the owners actions that would increase the life of these replacement springs.

08/26/2015 – Maria Ifill
"He came with only an hour's notice and he fixed the door in 30 minutes. That saved us lots of problems with caregivers coming in and out of the garage. Description of work: fixed garage door after hours as it was an emergency

07/13/2015 – Gail Twilegar Steve has been working on my old garage door opener for the past two years to keep it running. Last weekend, it finally quit, and he came to my home this morning to replace it. He is always kind and very honest, and I will always call him when needed. Description of work: Replace Garage door opener

03/30/2015 – Douglas Harris Michael did a great job! No surprises. The price was right and a quality job all around. Description of work: Replaced double garage door and installed new opener. Also moved old opener to third garage door. A

03/20/2015 – Patricia Cohn Garage door would not close sometimes. Used the troubleshooting guide in the manual; seemed to be a problem with the sensors, but could not get it working all the time. Called A-1, explained the problem. He looked it over and said a couple of pulleys were worn out. They were replaced, he oiled the door. Talked to me about when to oil the door and what to use. Very nice man, very efficient. Description of work: Repaired two pulleys and oiled/serviced the door.

03/12/2015 – Merilee Dannemann That's all -- pretty simple. Mike returned my initial phone call promptly, came on time and solved the problem. Description of work: Mike had installed my new garage door opener in 2013. The installation was fine and everything had been working well. A couple of days ago the door would not close all the way. I called Mike; he came this morning and found the problem -- a bolt had fallen off. He put the bolt back on and did not charge me anything.

02/03/2015 – b moy Great price...beat everyone else's..great work. Very personable. Brought upgraded model by mistake but still installed without charging. Great advise and very helpful. Really tries to help you save instead of making money off you. Would highly recommend. Highly doubt anyone could beat his prices for same quality product and service.

02/01/2015 – Gina Rood-Ojalvo Michael was very responsive answering and returning phone calls and answering questions. He arrived exactly when he said he would and finished ahead of schedule. He was very friendly and professional. We are more than satisfied with his work, demeanor, and product. The door works as well as we could have hoped and is whisper quiet. It is also the highest rated insulation door of those we were quoted by 5 different companies for the lowest cost. We would definitely use him again.

09/21/2014 – Will Stanley We replaced a crappy old roly-poly steel door with a hinged insulated door. Mike quoted a price, it seemed fair, and he did the installation. The thing that stands out is his incredible workmanship. The door fits perfectly. No dust gets in. It stops when the bottom seal it snug but not so snug that it ever reverses. The degree of fit is no small thing because the opening isn't exactly rectangular. When the door opens, it draws inward away from the seals so the seals don't get scuffed and worn prematurely. This requires the tracks to be adjusted just right. I appreciate an installer with this level of attention to detail. Will definitely use A-1 again and would highly recommend Mike Jackson's work.